What is Grow My Store?

Grow My Store is a tool provided by Google, which assesses your retail website's customer experience and gives you hints and tips on how to improve.

The tool uses retailer and customer insights from various Google studies in partnership with Practicology, Ipsos MORI and Kantar TNS, to create a personalized report based on what drives a ‘Best in Class’ customer experience. This is derived from factors that have been found to be important to customers, such as product information, store details, personalization, frictionless shopping experiences and site performance.

Grow My Store will recommend best practices within your website, and also how to position yourself to customers across the web.

Who can use Grow My Store?

This tool is designed for retailers, whether you sell online, through brick and mortar stores, or both. As long as you have a website showcasing your store, Grow My Store can analyze your digital customer experience.

How does Grow My Store work?

Grow My Store generates personalized reports by searching for keywords within your website related to a number of topics that drive a ‘Best in Class’ customer experience.

For example, when assessing whether you have a basket, we will look for various iterations of the word (basket, bag, cart, trolley etc). We will then rank all the URLs that we find from your sitemaps and page links, and scan the 10 URLs which are most likely to contain the information about the topic we are measuring.

If the tool can find these keywords within the 10 most likely pages of your site that we expect these to appear on, then you pass the relevant section.

The tool also measures the speed of how fast your website loads, if your website is mobile friendly and if your website is served through HTTPS.

Scoring for each section is weighted according to customer experience studies run jointly by Google and Kantar TNS or Practicology.

Something looks wrong in my final report. What has happened?

Due to the nature of the keyword scraping mechanism used by Grow My Store, Google cannot claim 100% accuracy in the reports generated. We will be working on ways to improve accuracy over time, however, there may be some cases where the tool could miss something, depending on the layout and content of your website.

What languages does Grow My Store support?

Grow My Store currently supports English, German, French and Spanish websites. More languages are in the pipeline, so watch this space.

I'm having trouble entering my website - what should I do?

If you're having trouble entering your website URL into Grow My Store, this could be due to one or more of the following:

- Grow My Store is unable to recognize your website language (see 'What languages does Grow My Store support?' for more details) and is unable to proceed

- Your website doesn't support the scraping mechanism of Grow My Store and is therefore unable to proceed

For more information on Google products and tools, visit Google for Retail.

Information and recommendations generated by this tool are intended as guidelines only. Google does not guarantee changes or improvements in your site's performance.